Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bright spot

For almost the entire time I have been writing on this blog, Laura Trevey has been a complete bright spot!  From the very beginning she would log on and post friendly, encouraging comments.  We all know how much those comments can brighten our day, especially during those first few weeks when it feels like you are talking to no one but yourself!

When I first visited her blog, Bright, Bold & Beautiful, I was completely taken by her pieces - they are absolutely gorgeous!  Each watercolor features the most amazing colors, and they all seem to have the unique ability to bring me back to a certain moment in life.  Below are a couple of my favorites, and a little snippet about the memory they evoke.    

Belle of the Ball.

This piece reminds me of waking up on my wedding day.  All of the dresses gorgeously hung up, the bright colors, and the lovely happy feeling that you have knowing what a special day lies ahead of you! 

Ruby Fields.
This brings me right back to fall in Connecticut, which is where I grew up.  There is nothing better than the Autumn leaves in New England. 

Hosta Leaves II.
I live in Oregon and my back patio is completely hidden by large Doug Fir Trees.  Nothing grows, aside from hosta!   This year, I had my first successful shade garden in the back and the hosta was the absolute star.  This reminds me of quiet mornings with cups of tea and the newspaper, relaxing and looking out over the garden.  


In the Oregon winter, the rain creates the most beautiful pixelated images.  Most people think that Portland is miserable in the winter, but there is a really beautiful, cozy feeling that all of the darkness and rain bring with them.  This image does that same thing for me! 

Thanks so much to Laura for her gorgeous work!  Visit her shop to see more her pieces.  You can find them at


  1. These are the most vivid watercolors I have ever seen. I love the fall trees...the colors are the best, aren't they? :)

  2. I particularly love the dresses, and their associations for you. The colours are beautiful in all the paintings.

  3. Those are the most gorgeous watercolors I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing - I may have to get me one!

  4. Such pretty prints!!! They would go great in my living space. LOVE this blog!