Monday, November 30, 2009

Its the small things

I finally hit 50 followers this lovely Thanksgiving weekend!  And while that is a ridiculously small number in blogland, it is a perfect little milestone to lead me into the dreaded Monday following an amazingly relaxing four day weekend!  Thanks so much to everyone who follows and comments!  It's great fun to log on everyday and read the thoughts of others out there in the universe, especially when they leave little notes & ideas on something you have written on your own little blog.  

My 50th follower is Jane and in checking out her sites, I found her super-fun etsy store Art Conductor.  I love a good wall decal - they're such a fun alternative to traditional art - and Jane has some seriously great ones on there.  Here are a couple of my favorites:  

I live in Portland, so my love for bike related items is almost in my blood. 
This decal is my favorite out of the bunch!

I'm not really a phone person, but this is so cute and has a fun retro feel.

The shoe decals are so great, and that floor is mesmerizing! 

You know I can't help myself when it comes to birds!
This looks perfect with the rustic bed.

How cute would this look in a little girl's room or nursery? 

Happy Monday back to work - hope its a good week!


  1. Congrats on the 50!! Omg I love the shoe decal. That would be soo cool in a shoe store, & that phone one I would so put on my wall. Cute!

  2. The bike one is my FAV too :) Jane has awesome stuff - I'm off to "heart" her shop. Congrats on 50 followers! Happy for you fellow blogger! :)

  3. Congrats on 50 I love these decals they are so charming.

  4. yay for 50 followers! i'm at 48....almost there with you :).

    those decals are super cute. i think the dandelion seed is my favorite, but that's just cause i'm a sucker for weeds. the bike is super fun too!

    hope you have a lovely monday!

  5. I love those decals! The bike one is awesome - I'm a Portlander too, and I feel that it really represents the city!

  6. Make me number 52...stumbled across your blog and am so inspired! I love the decals and the chandelier shots...especially the rustic bathtub...heaven.

  7. congrats on hitting 50...followers that is! ;) I did too, just this past weekend. I feel like a big girl now!
    Happy Monday everyone!

  8. 50's a lot! Congrats! What a clever 50th follower you have here too - love her work - I don't have a large piece of uninterupted wall but by golly if I did, I'd be seriousy contemplating getting a decal from this shop!

  9. Congratulations!! My fave is the dandelion. Soft and lovely!
    I'm having another tea party this week - Vietnamese theme today. Drop in for green tea and goodies - all welcome! :-)

  10. Happy Monday to you too. I like these decals, I'll have to check out the site!

  11. Congratulations on hitting fifty!! It took me forever to hit fifty and I was so happy when I did, so it's definitely not a small accomplishment!

    I so want that phone decal.

  12. Congrats, and have a super week!!

    xoxo Laura

  13. I looooooove the shoes! A while back Meg had a spare room that she used as her gettin' ready room. That decal would have been perfect. And make that 53 followers lady. : )