Thursday, October 1, 2009

Double doubler

I always feel like a bad person when I throw away my disposable coffee cup, especially when it has one of those sleeves that are probably made out of 500 trees each.  Now, I can at least feel good about one thing when I ditch my cup.  This is so cool!  A fashionable ebony bracelet that doubles as a coffee sleeve!  And, it's made out of reclaimed architectural pieces.  Love it! 

Coffee cuff.  $68.  By Contexture Design.
(thanks for the heads up on this one, Court!)

P.S. I do realize that there are such things as travel mugs which would help avoid this whole situation.  But let's face it, I am not coherant enough in the morning to remember the mug.  I fall into the same trap I do with those reusable grocery bags!  I vow to try to remember both the bags and the mug, but in the meantime this cuff is pretty rad!   


  1. Love the cuff... I felt very guilty today when I threw away my disposable smoothie cup, but at least I threw it in a garbage can and not on the sidewalk, unlike some other people! :)

  2. This cuff is really cool and a great way to be a little more "green" in the mornings. Love it!

  3. I love the cuff, too. I can't believe we haven't seen one of these before!