Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Scarlett letter

Sometimes I get skeptical about actresses that try to become singers.  I am all for expanding the portfolio, but let's face it, it isn't always pretty.  This morning, I stopped to grab some coffee and saw the new Scarlett Johanssen and Pete Yorn album on sale.  My first thought was how gorgeous she looked on the cover, my second thought was "hmmm, how is this going to work out".  I'll be honest, I never listened to her first album.  I vaguely remember hearing a review that wasn't the greatest and then I kind of forgot about it.  I thought maybe we could take a minute this morning and listen to one of their new songs together.  Via youtube.  

What did you think?  I preface my review with the fact that I am not a music snob.  I tend to lean toward more of an indie genre, but really I listen to whatever I like and to whatever suits the mood I'm in.  I'm not ashamed of easy listening (C'mon, you know you love it, too!), Britney Spears or Golden Oldies.  They all serve their purpose.  I mean music is here for entertainment, right.  At least that is the way I choose to see it!  :)

That said - I like the song.  I think it's catchy.  The performance isn't the greatest, but I like the sound of Scarlett's voice and I like the old school vibe.  It's no She and Him (I love Zooey and M!), but its completely listenable and I'd like to hear more. 

This post reminded me of of the Louis Vuitton ads Scarlett did awhile back.  A harkin back to the Vargas girls, at least in my mind.  Complete vintage glam.  Thought I would share before I closed out today.  Happy Tuesday! 



  1. Agreed: it's listenable but not even CLOSE to she and him! i heard scarlett's earlier album and it was heinous...but she is SOOO pretty so i can forgive her just a little :)

  2. I am not impressed by Scarlett's singing... but I have nothing against her otherwise, so it leaves me mostly blah/unaffected. I do look forward to Kate Moss's new career as a rock start though... :D

  3. So horrible, I want to hate it out of pure principle. But I like it... she looks so cute and I love love Pete Yorn. :) But yeah, you're right... it's no She & Him.