Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tufted and turquoise

I have been pretty obsessed with the world of tufted furniture for awhile.  I especially love when you can update the classic with an interesting fabric, texture, pattern, or splash of color.  I have been loving the color turquoise for this sole purpose.  I have started a collection of my favorites in an effort to convince my husband that this is the definite direction we should head in with our next furniture purchase.  With the beginning of the soccer season setting in, we're in need of some new seating for the living room so he can spend his Saturday mornings watching the games in both comfort and style.  Do you think I will have him convinced?  These are gorgeous, but I think I might still have my work cut out for me!    
Man, I love this one.  Tufted, turqoise, nailheads and leather! 

Chester sofa, Graham sea. 

Turquoise chaise - looks relaxing!

My space is definitely not large enough to accomodate this, but it is still so amazing!

Guarantee the turquoise and hot pink combo won't sell him on it,
but still super cute!  I think I might need a ladies lounge for my own house!

I'm thinking of trying to sneak it into the bedroom as well! 
Nice and subdued.

~via Decorpad~

Velvet glam!

~via Madmen~


  1. I would love to get the first armchair and my own little ladies' lounge here at home! I might have to get a bigger apartment first, of course...

    Thank you for posting these pictures; I got some new ideas from them!

  2. I love the second to last picture of the room -- to classy and antique!

  3. I really like the bedroom with stripped walls and the turquoise chaise! I'd love to take a rest in that chair.