Wednesday, September 23, 2009

School, day deux

Day 2 of school today - loving it!  I am feeling like I could easily geek out.  I don't really need glasses, but I think a new pair of horn-rims would be the perfect accessory to making me look as studious as I feel! 

Marilyn Monroe.


  1. OK, I know this pic is supposed to focus us on her glasses, but I can't help but check out her boobs in this! I was having a discussion this weekend about the evolution of the boob. It seems as though they have really changed over the decades. Uni, pointy, round, up, down... You need to do a blog entry about boobs in history!

  2. I agree regarding the boobs... I just watched "How to Marry a Millionaire" (old movie) and one of the actresses was wearing those horn rimmed glasses, but all I could look at was her cone-like boobs. What kind of freaky bras were they wearing back then?

  3. So funny - I know exactly what your talking about with the pointy boobs. I'm totally going to do a boob post!