Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Clutch me

I love clutches.  They're conveniently palm sized, a perfect fit for under your arm, are large enough to carry the bare necessities, and are still small enough so you can't lose your keys in them.  You can throw them in your carry-all on the way to work, and then ditch the big bag when you head out to happy hour.  I just got a bright new yellow one from my mom for my birthday (thanks mom!) and I love it, but I am always on the hunt for more.  I am headed to a girlfriends wedding in just a few weeks and need the perfect one for my outfit.   

Hmmm, am I feeling wild?  These Judith Leiber Minaudieres are an eye catcher for sure, but are also seriously out of my price range.  Is it me, or is $5,000 too much to pay for a purse? The details, though, are amazing.
Echo.  $4,995.

Pigtail. $3600.  A serious conversation starter.

Red Delicious.  I love the color of this one!  $3495

These are much more my style, and are a bit more affordable:

Be & D Ruffle Portfolio Clutch. $595.
I am pretty much into anything with ruffles.

J. Crew Lexi Clutch.  $225.  Grey is the new black for me right now.
So chic, and can be dressed up or down really easily!  The tassle gives it a little edge.

Kate Spade Le Pavillon E.B.  $175.
Another thing I am a sucker for is some good ol' black & white polka dots.
Adorable & fancy.

Cute and extremely easy on the bank account:

I tend to wear lots of black, so adding a fun pattern like this one would be perfect! 

Clutch buy of the day! 
$9.80 - seriously can't beat that!


  1. I love clutches too, I am dying for the J. Crew clutch!

  2. The piggy one is fun!! ...expensive but fun!! The liberty peacock feathers would always be in fashion I think.