Wednesday, August 26, 2009

do it yourself dreams

I love diy. I especially love creating something that doesn't look overtly diy. Do you know what I mean? I really enjoy adding a bit of character and homemade uniqueness to my house, but I don't necessarily want my house to look like a craft warehouse. I have also been known to start a project and never finish it. I swear I have the best of intentions, but after a couple of hours I sometimes lose interest. Call it handmade ADD, I guess. I need something to truly, truly inspire me to finish. There are a ton of great diy websites out there, but none that inspire me as much as Seriously, the ideas on here are what my diy dreams are made of. Even the non-diy posts make me want to run out and buy supplies immediately, and fully commit to completing a project. Every Wednesday, they post a few new projects. Here are a couple of my favorites that I am dying to try out:

Erik's Wine bottle torch. This is an amazing recycle project - I love repurposing something you would otherwise throw away.
And, who doesn't have a couple of wine bottles lying around, right!

Kate's recycled cake stands. I am in the process of co-planning a baby shower and a wedding shower.
These are adorable and would add so much character to a little dessert bar.

all photos via Design Sponge
I have actually completed a couple of my own diy projects lately. I will admit they are completely novice, as I just used black glossy spraypaint to spruce up some old mirrors and a little side table. Still, they have added an incredible amount of elegance to my house. If you are short on time and money, spray paint is such a fun way to give some of your dusty household treasures a bit of glamour! I will get some of these pics up asap. Happy diy-ing!

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