Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eating off the floor

So, with the whole "nesting" thing going on we've been crazy busy.  We rearranged our living room at least 5 times (poor husband), got new bedroom furniture and a new sideboard, cleaned out our closets and donated a ton of stuff to Goodwill, painted the hardware in the kitchen, diy'd a couple of giant mirrors, finished the baby's nursery, and decided to start dining more ethnically.  That last one is a little strange, I know, but on a whim we put some smaller legs on our dining table, so now we are essentially eating off the floor.  I guess if I wanted to sound a bit more hip, I could claim that we are having a Bohemian Chic moment.  Not really, but kind of....  We bought a few floor stools from Ikea and it has been so much fun changing things up a bit.  I'm still surprised my husband agreed to this hormonal urge!   

Low table

Our new midcentury sideboard is in the back and in the photo below - we love it!  It's the perfect stand for our giant espresso maker, and a great organizer for office & craft supplies, kitchen overflow, and all of those other odds & ends you can never find an actual place for.  Think of it as a giant junk drawer, but much more organized!

Here are the banana leaf Ikea Alseda Stools (only $29.99 each!) we bought that bring you up to the perfect dining height - they were stacked up on the other side of the room from when I was cleaning, but they look perfect around the table.  Trust me, really!

What is your take on this?  Good idea or hormonal craziness??  Don't worry - we kept the regular legs and can always go back to our high top table when elderly relatives come to visit or when we feel the need to teach the baby some serious table manners.  For now, we're diggin' it!     


  1. I love the idea of sitting on the floor and really like those little stools. Decorative pillows on the floor would also be a great addition. We tend to have lots of "floor picnics" at my house and don't worry it doesn't teach bad table manners it is just plain fun.

  2. awesome idea, awesome furniture!!!

  3. i think it's a cute idea! and it's also really good that you kept the regular legs! :D

    <3, Mimi

  4. a teeny tiny hormonal craziness...but I like it! crazy is good sometimes :)

    love the seats from ikea...and your room looks fabulous!

  5. Hi sweetie, it has been a while! We use these as bed side tables stacked fabulous! Sharon xx

  6. 1. I love sitting on the floor to eat. (That's my Korean side talking)
    2. You must be crazy. (That's the part of me that got entirely TOO huge during my pregnancy and couldn't have imagined sitting on the floor for meals for fear I couldn't get back up.)

    Either way, it looks fantastic and fun. :o)