Monday, January 25, 2010

Wishing the weekend wouldn't end

The weekends always fly by too fast, don't they?  This one was particularly busy, but so much fun!  I didn't want it to end! 

Friday Night.
Had a lovely dinner out with a new friend! 
If you are in the Portland area - 3 Doors Down cafe was delish!  On the menu: Duck confit, Garganelli Egg Pasta With Classic Pork & Beef Cavatelli Bolognese Sauce, & an americano & the bocca negra chocolate torte for dessert (see below)!


Saturday morning. 
Made a tea cozy (below) without a pattern - it's a little large, but totally does the trick.  On Sunday it kept our tea warm for 3 hours!! 

Saturday day.
Snowshoeing on Mount Hood with my girlfriends Courtney & Jessie.  Possible pics to follow once Jessie downloads them, but here is the view we had from the trail on Mirror Lake!  It was my first time out and was so much fun!  Great workout, too! 

Saturday night. 
Marmalade making.  This was my first go at Marmalade - I used the Barefoot Contessa's recipe - it's delicious, but not as jelly-ish in texture as I am used to. 

Sunday morning. 
I made Kate's amazing little Baked Apple Donuts.  They were delicious - probably because you dip them in butter and them roll them in cinnamon & sugar - that always helps!  I made them to bring over to my friend Darshana's house.  I got to visit with her and her adorable little girl Mira, and drink Darsh's tasty Cha tea.  I am not sure if it is different than Chai (I'll have to check on that), but it is completely soul warming - lots of spices, fresh ginger, milk and a little bit of sugar!  Thanks Darsh! 

Sunday Day.
Headed out with the husband and grabbed a beer over at Prost!  Again, for those in the Portland area this was such a fun place - obviously German.  They have a great beer selection - and the waitstaff was seriously the most friendly and fun that I have met in a long, long time!  The three people next to us were drinking the "boot" - 2 liters of any tasty malty beverage they have on draft.  I guess there is some rule that once the bartender pours it, the boot can't touch the bartop until it is completely empty.  They offered to share with us, but it was a little early for me to start downing liter after liter!  It was somewhere around 1:30 and they had already been "tasting" tequila!  

Sunday evening. 
Home to make some pickled eggs.  I have only had pickled eggs once and wasn't the biggest fan in the world - they are super rubbery.  But my husband loves them (he's English - that's his excuse!), so we decided to try to make a spicy version at home.  They'll be ready in 4 weeks.  Sounds gross, but I'm an adventurous eater so I'll let you know how they taste! 

Monday morning.
Back to work.  Hope you guys had a great weekend!


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! I can't believe you canned so many different things. I agree with you - pickled eggs sounds gross!

  2. Wow... you were a busy bee!
    Have a super week ~~


  3. Hi there, sweetie, I want your life the joy of sharing food with friends really heart warming interesting stuff, such fun!! I must try the doughnut receipe! These look superb! I would like to invite you to my tea dance, I do hope you will come! Sharon(UK) xxoo

  4. the boot looks like fun! :) seems like the weekend was pretty fab. i, too, am mourning its end!

  5. I feel you - I also wish I could teleport right to that beach again :))
    But no, I have to be sitting at home, doing (or rather not doing :)) my homework. Oh well, life's life I guess :))
    I hope it is not too boring at work for you xx

  6. Love the photo of the chocolate torte and the wine. Looks delicious!!

  7. Wow! Sounds like you had a lovely full weekend! I've never been to 3 doors down but it's on my "places to eat" list. You know what I was thinking? It would be so fun to host a brunch for Portland bloggers. I think it would be so fun to leet you and other lovely bloggers I've met. Maybe at the Doug fir. I've gears their brunch is fab. Anyway...if you're ever interested I think it could be fun :).

    Also...I love that your family shared the favorite thing about their day every evening. I may have to do that with my own kiddos one day :).

  8. lauren - such a fun idea - i'll email you about it!

  9. Hey i'm one of your newest followers! I too live in Portland, and I have been itching to try 3 Doors Down, glad to hear you enjoyed it, and the snowshoeing with your friends!

  10. that dessert looks so good!

  11. whoa! That boot is crazy!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! ;) come visit again!

  12. Sounds like you had a busy and productive weekend!! That restaurant in Portland looks very cute. I can't believe that BOOT! I have seen those sold in gag gift shops, but never actually filled with beer. That's ridiculous!! :)


  13. Chocolate torte looks very delicate and amazing! Sometimes a fun weekend can be a mixed blessing as it makes it harder to do the regular Monday things afterwards!

  14. what an amazing week :) that boot is insanity!

  15. Oh wow...sounds like a fantastic weekend!
    happy new week!

  16. Aww,Lovely blog ! Love that boot-shaped glass !