Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Osborne & Little inspiration

Maharani by Osborne & Little.

I have a small obsession with Osborne & Little's collection of wallpaper, and it continues with my discovery of this one - the Maharani!  I know!  It's amazing, isn't it!  I love the shades of purple & gray with the pops orange and persimmon - gorgeous!  I've been totally inspired!

Mandarin orange garnet & natural african amethyst gold filled necklace.

I love a dress with cowboy boots - this one is gorgeous!
(thanks for introducing me to this designer Elizabeth!)

I also just hand-dyed a couple of slips in purple and the brightest burnt orange - I promise to post some pics - they came out great.  This is a super easy & cheap way to replicate some of the beautiful vintage dyed slips in fancy boutiques.  I use a vegetable dye (feels less chemically) and you can make that as saturated or pastel-y as you like.  Perfect for under your favorite dress! 


  1. Coincidence--I just bought myself that Reed dress from Anthro with my Christmas certificates. Score!

  2. I love the wallpaper, and I love the wine country dress. Great post!

  3. can't wait to see the pictures of your slip project. sounds awesome though.

  4. i have been pining over that anthropologie shirt dress. love that modcloth skirt too....love modcloth in general.

  5. i might have to go look into getting that shirt dress. so cute! and i have been super into plaid at the moment!