Monday, January 18, 2010

My version of the rant.

I was recently reading a blog where the author was ranting about how 80% of the blogs she reads are "fluff".  I felt frustrated and disheartened by the post, and I found myself feeling guilty for my own personal pieces of "fluff".  It led me to think, "what exactly is a quality post?"  

blog (noun): short for weblog;
a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer;

I thought I would start with the definition via Merriam Webster.  In reading this, I was reminded of the fact that a blog is a personal journal.  Personal journal - repeat that to yourself.  In all reality, you should be able to write about whatever thoughts, interests, feelings, likes, dislikes, etc.  You would do it in a personal handwritten version, right?  Why is it so important to not have "fluff" if "fluff" is what you feel like posting in your personal journal that day?    

This is my version of the rant.  I say "Here's to posting whatever you would like to say without the guilt!"  And this totally includes blogging about the lack of quality reading out there in the blogosphere (thanks for the food for thought, btw!).  Read and write your blogs as you wish - learn something new, post new ideas, connect with people, laugh, discover a new fashion trend, look at beautfiul pictures, and of course, "fluff" to your heart's content.  

Happy Monday!


  1. I've occasionally read blogs where people complain about fluff, too. Then I'm always afraid that they're talking about my blog :) But you know what? I like my fluff!

  2. Hear hear! Freedom of speech is sooo important! Sharon xx

  3. A blog is supposed to be whatever you want it to be. There are no rules. If someone want to write fluff, by all means go ahead. I am proud of my fluff. lol. I'm fluffy. =)

  4. your blog...your whatever you want with it!! ;) Happy MLK day lady!!

  5. HaHa. Fluff Shmuff. Isn't that why we have say and do as we *w i s h* ?! :)

    Lovely fluffy post, very well put.

  6. Oh P.S. I LOVE PORTLAND, only visited once...but truly fell in love with the smallest Big city!

  7. I say whatever... I never understand why people take the time to complain about what others do, especially what others do ONLINE. Get a life and don't read other people's blogs if you're not enjoying them. Simple huh?

    (And this was of course directed to the whiners, not to you specifically, hun! I love your blog! ;) )

  8. we all go through moods, be it serious or FLUFFY.

    for me - and others as well - i don't always want to talk about the stresses of my school life and work life. if i don't want to blog about how my school's honors program is sucking the life out of me, or how some of the things i see at the hospital [where i intern] depress me or make me feel so grateful to be alive, then i don't have to.

    i love your blog and everything you post about. here's to being FLUFFY!!!

  9. i read a blog about this the other day......

    perhaps we read the same one.

    i found myself cranky about it as well, because when i looked back through said bloggers past posts, i noticed that a lot of her posts could be classified as "fluff" too. it just annoyed me. i hate when people get all self-righteous about their blogs. it's a blog people!

    good for you ranting :).

  10. Fluff? Entertainment? Random thoughts?

    I think I might have read the same blog as well.

    It's all subjective and blogs are such a reflection of life no (well the personal ones)? I think deep thoughts and whimsy can go hand in hand. I do try to blog interesting things or convey something I think would be useful. But hey it's a personal journal so if I want to tell a funny story about my husband, I'll do that too.

    Fluff to your heart's content - love it!

  11. hear hear!
    I used to be more staunch and didn't even want fluff in my life (blog world aside). Now I'm very comfortable with fluff, provided you're not overfluffed. It's ok to indulge, pourquoi pas?!

  12. i think the "fluff" parts of life are just as important as the well, "important" parts of life. i mean - so many things are so anti-fluffy in my actual life, i love the contrast i create for myself with my blog. never feel bad about fluff! nope. not at all!

  13. there are so many to choose from to read, if she's not into "fluff" find other blogs to follow.
    Besides... don't we all need a little fluff once in awhile?! It's the lighter side of life, it keeps us optimistic. If I only wrote about the serious stuff in my life, I may not even want to read it myself!