Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Budget blues

As much as it pains me to do so, I've recently been reviewing my budget.  I've decided that it's high time I re-evaluate things and make some changes in my spending habits.  I've got bills to pay,right?  And retirement to save for, and the college education of my future children to start planning....yikes!  I've always been more of a live in the moment, non-committal kind of gal, so this "planning for the future" thing can be a little bit overwhelming. 

I decided it was the clothes budget that had to go first.  So, in a quest to merge my new fiscally sound self, with my urge to splurge I happened upon www.gojane.com.  The clothes look a bit hoochie-momma, right?  But the shoes are ridiculously adorable....and ridiculously cheap!  I used some celebrity inspiration, so you can see the whole look.  Check it! 

Michelle Williams looking adorable on a day out with Matilda

Zip side hidden wedge boot.  $28.60.

Gwyneth via popsugar

Gathered side knot suede bootie.  $20.50.

SJP via www.people.com.

Pleated suede peep-toe heel.  $20.40.

Katie Holmes via www.perezhilton.com.

Closed toe leatherette pump.  $14.60.

Sienna Miller via the Daily Mail.

Crinkle slouchy buckle boot.  $22.70.

Anne Hathaway via Teen Vogue.

Adorable zebra print satin flats.  $10.40 (not joking!).


  1. loving the buckle boots!!!

    xo Laura

  2. Hi there fabulous pick of budget buy shoes, well done! Not a hoochie moma insight! Sharon xxxooo

  3. Totally fabulous alternatives!

  4. I hear you! Same problem here. However, I always fear that cheap shoes will be uncomfortable and fall apart after you've worn them only a couple of times. So I will keep on splurging and make up for it by eating noodles...

  5. We all feel the budget crunch from time to time. But you've found some great shoes at even better prices!

  6. Great finds and prices!! I absolutely must find a pair of flat brown boots too... was coveting a friends pair of born boots just yesterday :^(