Sunday, October 4, 2009

To spat or not to spat

I pretty much wear dresses or skirts every day.  Not because I am anti-pants or anything, but because a dress takes way less thought in the morning than sleepily pairing an outfit together.  You roll out of bed, brush your hair & teeth, throw a little dress on with some tights and a pair of boots, and you're good to go.  Now that winter is near (did I mention how chilly it is here today?), I decided to do a little research into some fun new options for keeping my legs warm on the way to work.  I fell upon spats.  You know, those things people wear in the military and in marching band to cover the tops of their shoes.  I might be behind the times, but I think they're coming back.  Maybe as a dressed up version of the leg warmer?  They're pretty cute....


  1. The first one is really cute! I sometimes wear my booties with legwarmers, but maybe I will have to upgrade...

  2. Now this is something I haven't even thought about! However, I bet that when done right, they could look awesome. And it's only a matter of time before everything cycles back into style, so you're just super ahead of the trend!

  3. I am still figuring out how I feel about these - normally I have some sort of vision for these types of accessories, but I am having a hard time with this one.....hmm. food for thought! :)