Monday, October 26, 2009

Chic chalet

On my way back to the house yesterday, I got a amazing glimpse of Mt. Hood.  Between all of the gray clouds I got to sneak a peak at the newly adorned snowy peak.  The husband and I are due for a little weekend away and we were debating about heading to the coast or taking a trip into the mountains.  We ultimately booked a little cottage overlooking the sea (yay!) for Thanksgiving, but I still have cozy, snowy cabin dreams....maybe Christmas?!?  I was looking around online today and found some stunning winter retreats which only fed the dream more - A-framed houses tucked in the woods, gorgeous exposed beams, inviting fireplaces with big stone hearths, windows with amazing views, hot tubs in the snow with a glass of wine - sounds dreamy, doesn't it? I probably won't be headed much further away than the mountain here in Oregon, but a girl can dream.... 

 Don't you just want to wake up here?  And to have a morning cup of tea on that balcony....aaaagggghhh.  I feel more relaxed already! 

This looks like the home of a hunter.  I'm a meat eater, but am not really into going out and getting the little guys myself.  I guess I could just forage for berries during the day or maybe a Christmas tree, and come back and enjoy the lovely view of my chandelier.   

Looks like you could sleep for days in here, doesn't it?

I need one of these for my next family gatherings.  This just screams "big family dinner" to me.  All we would have to do is fill those decanters up with some yummy vino goodness and light a fire! 

Thg ultimate ski retreat.  You can check out the conditions in your pajamas!  Just head out on the slopes all day and then come back for some hot toddys and an amazing view...

While the couch doesn't look overly comfortable (the stylish ones rarely do!), that fireplace sure does!  I think I could probably devour a few books right here.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!  Any good ideas for vacation?  Once the lovely fall weather leaves us, we'll all be ready for one! 


  1. Thanks for your visit.. it brought me to your lovely blog. E-mail me if you would like to exchange links and/or buttons.

    Have a beautiful day!

  2. Wow that ski chalet is just gorgeous. It's like each wall is covered in beautiful art. Just breath taking. It made me miss Colorado!