Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Art class

Basically, I chose that title today because I need one.  I am what I would call "crafty", but am miles away from what I would call an "artist".  Lately, I have been really drawn to people and their craft.  As someone from the outside looking in, I see artists as really honest folk.  They put all of their emotion right on the page (or whatever they choose) for all to see.  I have been shopping for some art for the house, and this week more than usual, I have been bumping into some amazing artists online.  I found this shop Twolia via Lovely Clusters, and saw these gorgeous dreamscapes.  I just want to take them, have them blown up, and hang them in my bedroom.  The colors are pale and subdued, and the lines are so soft.  They make me feel like I am floating....

Cloud series

Once upon a dream
artist - jbeaudet

I really like the use of nature in these as well.  Something about bringing a bit of that into the house that always feels good! 


  1. Beautiful... perfect way to have a nice view everyday :)

  2. Dreamy is right. There is just something about a sky full of puffy clouds!

  3. Thank you for featuring my prints on your blog!