Thursday, September 24, 2009

Unreal unmentionables

Yesterday it was brought to my attention (thanks Kate & Couture Cookie!) that it was hard to focus on the fab horn-rimmed glasses in my "School, day deux" post when Marilyn Monroe's pointy boobs were staring us all in the face!  "What kind of freaky bras were they wearing back then," Couture Cookie asked.  Well, I found some.  And I found a few other crazy unmentionables as well!  They really suffered for the sake of glamour back then!

The inflatable bra.

Cross stitch bullet bra. 

I'm scared of this one.  The cone bra.

Butt pads. 

This is completely not an unmentionable, but when I saw these, I was really glad that times had changed.  I thought the cone bra scared me - these are much freakier!  

The human hair earring. 


  1. Is that seriously an inflatable bra?! lol!

  2. Inflatable!? Well, better than the cone... I didn't realize they wore padding on their butts too! I'm sure you could have worn three pairs at the same time of those horn rimmed glasses and no one would have noticed as they were probably too busy checking out your cones as well as your derriere padding!

  3. Like we don't suffer for beauty nowadays, with insane 7" heels and extra heavy bags! lol! :)

  4. That bullet bra!!! Goodness me! for the inflatables and the hairy earrings....too wacky for words!! Great post!