Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Overcoat. Part One.

I have a small obsession - outerwear.  Sounds silly, but an overcoat can truly transform an outfit, right!  A funky little number can take a rather conservative outfit to a whole other level.  A couple of years back, I invested in a couple of gorgeous vintage coats and jackets and they made me feel like a million bucks in every outfit.  Now that winter is coming, I have been thinking about another investment.  This is part one of many - because I can promise there will be more.  I just can't help myself.

Vintage Dior Swing Coat.
Hot Pink Normal Norell Mod Cape.  Crazily amazing!
Brown Wool Babydoll Mini Peacoat. Love that collar!
Brick Red Wool Evening Coat.  Shoulder pads!!!
Lilli Ann Red and Black Fur Coat.  Help!  I can't tell if I love this or not.
Does that make sense?
Purple Silk Kimono Coat.  Reversible!
Mod Twiggy London Coat.  Super cute pattern & buttons!
Mod Black Vintage Coat.  Military chic - yes or no?
I vote yes on this one!

Oh how I love you, dear overcoats.  I wish I could have you all!


  1. Woah, that hot pink one is amazing! Now it only needs to get cold enough in Hong Kong for me to wear one :)

  2. The Mod Black vintage is my favorite!I really love a form fitting coat and the buttons are fantastic. I would pop the collar up and wear it with a great pair of wide leg trousers and be on my way.

    As for the Lilli Ann coat I actually do love that one it's got alot of glamour and pizzaz. Oooo and the baby doll coat would be a perfect maternity coat!

  3. I am pretty much in love with the Hot Pink Cape, too. I saw it a while ago and have been eyeing it ever since!

    And I love the idea of the black coat with wide leg trousers - or skinny jeans and high boots!!