Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hat head

I think hats are super cute, but usually on other people.  I have been under the impression for quite some time that some people can pull off headgear and others can't.  I considered myself part of the latter category.  This Autumn I am really going to try to make one work.  I just started my search on Etsy, and was overwhelmed with the array of millinery talent out there!     
Vaivanat.  Blue grey beret with grey/blue lily. 
Made of hand felted wool.  $37.00.   
Tissage.  Winter in the City Cloche. 
Made of black felt. $160.00.
RetroReproHandmade.  Red Knot Hat.
Made of bright red heavy felt.  $59.00.
LizaRietz (fellow Portlander!).  Wool cloche.
Made of medium weight plaid wool.  $42.00. 

PS.  Mini history lesson: "milliner" was originally "Milaner", a person native to Milan, which was once famous for its very fancy goods.  Just thought I would share! :) 


  1. I agree with you. Hats really are cool.. I think they make the over all attire/garment of a person really.. hhmmm.. presentable.. Hey! Nice post! Just checking the BLOGWORLD!

  2. I love hats, I just have this bad habit of buying them and never actually putting one on. I always think they look great on other people, but when I try, I end up feeling like it just doesn't look right....

  3. Oh, I love that last one in particular...! Lovely and inspiring, all of them... Good luck with your head gear search!