Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fashion week find

All this talk of fashion week has left me longing for a new wardrobe.  There is a serious problem with that - I really shouldn't be spending gobs and gobs of money on designer duds.  In trying to satiate my fashion sweet tooth, I found Modcloth.  For some reason, I am just discovering this gem.  The shop carries completely stylish clothes for not a heck of a lot.  I am looking to get my hands on these:

Frill & Grace dress. $79.99.  Classy & flirty at the same time.

 Sojourn in Quebec City Coat.  $114.99.  I completely die for that collar!

 The Tellteal Wedges.  $149.99.  Obsessed with the color combo!

 River Delta Heels.  $47.99.  Looks like it hugs your foot, so despite
the huge heel it could be pretty comfy!

 Black Peacock Feather Tights. $29.99.  So cute! 


  1. I loove Modcloth. Those tights are amazing! Not sure I have the guts to wear them, though :)