Monday, September 21, 2009

Back to school jitters

Today I'm headed back to school for the first time in nearly 10 years.  Ok, so I am only taking one computer class, but I haven't actually been inside a classroom since I got my undergrad degree.  Funny how I feel completely competent in my everyday life, but as soon as you put me back in a classroom I resort to having a million insecurities.  Do I have everything I need?  Will the kids like me?  Will I understand all of the techno-jargon?  Ugh.

This is probably going to sound completely silly, but a new outfit always helps.  Looking and feeling good eases the other weird insecurities in some way, and gives me a nice little boost.  I normally don't consider myself an overly vain person, but this going back to school thing is making me re-evaluate!  

I headed out shopping yesterday, to stop by a couple of old favorites (I hit the jackpot at Urban Outfitters!) and I picked myself out a spiffy new outfit for the first day of class.  What do you think?  It's a far cry from the sweatpants I used to roll out of bed and into class in, but I still have to head to the office later this morning.

J.Crew long boyfriend blazer.

Kimchi fit and flare tank dress.  Urban Outfitters.

Over plaid diamond full foot tight.  Urban Outfitters.

Seychelles vamp bootie.  Urban Outfitters.

    Happy Monday - and happy back to school! 


  1. Let's face it.. new threads can give us all the confidence to walk into a new situation with our head held high! What a fabulous outfit you picked too, I absolutely love those tights!!

  2. Love this outfit - all of it! Nothing like a new set of clothes to make you feel more confident (not to mention retail therapy helps!).

    Good luck on the first day of school!

  3. Thanks guys! I had such a great day, and the new outfit totally helped! :)

  4. I totally agree with spending a little extra to make you feel your best on a special day. There's nothing wrong with that :) And I love EVERYTHING about the outfit!

  5. You're taking a computer class? You will definitely be the best dressed gal there!

    Good luck!

  6. Good choice. A great blazer makes me feel both put together & like myself. I need to remember that!