Monday, August 31, 2009

Bike commuter chic

My husband and I share one car.  Since he works much further away than I do, I am typically the one that commutes by foot or bike.  I love traveling around town on my old school Bridgestone - going to work, running errands, visiting friends, pretty much just being out and about.  It reduces your carbon footprint and gets you a bit of exercise all at the same time.  I am fairly lucky because I live in Portland and it is pretty much one of the most bike-friendly cities you can reside in the US.  The only issue I really face is the style dilemma - fashion or function??  Let's face it, having some chic bike commuter style in the winter can be pretty tricky wherever you live.  In Oregon, it is sometimes chilly and/or raining 10 months out the year and you get tired of looking like you just walked off the pages of an REI catalog.  Since my summer shopping spree that I had planned for this past weekend was pretty much a bust (long story), I decided to look ahead at some fall cycling fashions that won't make me feel like a stuffed sausage.  So far, these are my favorite finds.  I know what you're going to think - boots and dresses again?  But seriously, these ones actually serve a purpose aside from stroking my style ego! 

Nau Chrysalis Dress.  It's a dress, vest, and jacket in one - love the concept! 
It is also wind resistant, water repellant, & super stylish!

La Canadienne Serafina boots.  I would love these even if they weren't waterproof.  So chic!  

This is a far cry from the mushroom cap that I ride around town in! 
This is the Tokyo from Yakkay.

Pretty much my favorite find of the day - the Cyclodelic Cape from London boutique CycleChic.  This is gorgeous and functional - it even has a reflective detail to make you more visible on your bike at night!  


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